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Does My Cat Love Me? Five Ways to Gauge Your Attachment With Your Cat

Cats are known to be fiercely independent. As a result, many human companions find them mysterious and aloof. Many cat owners even wonder, “Does my cat love me?” Well, our kitties may not be as introverted as they seem. In 2019, Oregon State Universityconducted a fascinating experiment focused on cat attachment. Researchers placed individual kittens […]

What you need to know about Russian Blue Kitten

History  As with so many cat breeds, little is known of the Russian Blue’s origins. He probably does come from Russia—his thick coat is surely that of a cat from colder climes—and he is considered a natural breed, meaning Matushka Nature created him, not the handiwork of humans. The Russian Blue’s development as a breed, however, […]

Understanding Your Russian Blue Cat

People often forget that cats, just like dogs, can have their personality shaped by breed, or can have breeds with interesting histories. People also think that they can’t open their home and heart to a cat if they’re allergic to cats. Russian blues disprove these myths: they are a hypoallergenic and unique breed with a celebrated history. […]

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